Saïd Ettis


First name: Said
Last name: Ettis
Department: Management
Telephone: 0021620421415
Area of teaching: Marketing
Date of birth (dd/mm/yy): 03/04/1976
Nationality: Tunsian
Qualification: PhD Marketing
Professional and academic career: Assistant-Professor
Competitive research or professional awards received:
Sketch biography:

Saïd Ettis is an Assistant Professor at the University of Gabes, Higher Institute of Management (ISG), Gabes, Tunisia. He holds the Ph.D. from Higher Institute of Economics and Management – IAE (IEMN-IAE), University of Nantes, France. He teaches Marketing, E-marketing, Market Research, and Management. His research interests are related to e-marketing and consumer behavior.

Chapter title: Consumer behavior in m-commerce: literature review and research agenda

Abstract: Our work has a two-fold general objective: on the one hand, we wish to describe the mobile commerce environment and, on the other hand, to establish the determinants of the mobile consumer behavior. To achieve our objective, first, we describes the concept of mobile commerce, constraints and benefits. Second, we study the determinants of mobile commerce adoption. Third, we focuse on the determinants of mobile consumer satisfaction and loyalty. Finally, we sammrase future avenues of investgation in a research agenda.

Keywords: M-commerce, E-commerce, M-consumer behavior, m-Satisfaction, m-Loyalty

Co-author: Afef Ben Zin El Abidine, ISET Kairouan




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