Jean-Eric Pelet


First name: Jean-Eric
Last name: Pelet
Email: je.pelet (@)
Department: Marketing and Information Systems
Telephone: +33 6 30 53 69 76
Area of teaching: Digital Marketing, e-commerce, m-commerce, Human Machine Interaction
Date of birth (dd/mm/yy): 07/05/1976
Nationality: French
Qualification: PhD
Sketch biography: Jean-Eric Pelet holds a PhD in Marketing, an MBA in Information Systems and a BA (Hons) in Advertising. As an assistant professor in management, he works on problems concerning consumer behavior when using a website or other information system (e-learning, knowledge management, e-commerce platforms), and how the interface can change that behavior. His main interest lies in the variables that enhance navigation in order to help people to be more efficient with these systems. He works as a visiting professor both in France and abroad (England, Switzerland, Thaïland) teaching e-marketing, ergonomics, usability, and consumer behavior at Design Schools (Nantes), Business Schools (Paris, Reims), and Universities (Paris Dauphine – Nantes). His work has been published in international journals and conferences such as EJIS AMS, EMAC, AFM and ICIS and he has authored two books on u-commerce and e-learning topics. Dr. Pelet has also actively participated in National research projects. His current research interests focus on m-commerce, social networks, interface design, and usability.

Chapter title: MOOCs on Mobiles: curating the web and using social media to enhance e-learning

Abstract: MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) have gained popularity for e-learning purposes. Effectiveness of a MOOC depends on the platform interface design and management, which should create student cohesiveness and optimize collaboration. A MOOC prototype was developed and e-learning applications were pilot-tested for one semester with a total of 160 students from graduate courses in a French business school. Students used a mobile supported e-learning environment and reported their experiences through the writing of a synthesis, the building of a CMS (Content Management System) and the elaboration of a content curation system.

Keywords: MOOC, social media, mobile learning, knowledge management, constructivist learning

Co-author: Stéphane Fauvy, Marlene Pratt

Chapter title: Basma



Co-author: Basma Taieb

Chapter title: Jashim



Co-author: Jashim Khan


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