Artemis D. Avgerou

Artemis Avgerou

First name: Artemis
Last name: Avgerou
Department: Imperial College Business School
Telephone: 00447565 375724
Area of teaching: Business Administration
Date of birth (dd/mm/yy): 10/08/1993
Nationality: Greek
Qualification: BSc in Business Administration
Professional and academic career: MSc student in “Strategic Marketing”
Competitive research or professional awards received: Recipient of the Mansion House scholarhsip award based on academic excellence and achievements
Sketch biography: Artemis Avgerou holds a BSc degree from the Department of Business Administration, University of Patras. She is currently an MSc student at the “Strategic Marketing” programme at Imperial College Business School, UK. She holds Google’s “The Digital Garage of Online Proficiency” and IBM’s “Digital Analytics Introduction Class Completion Certificate”. Her research interests include Entrepreneurship, E-business, and Innovation and Business Modelling in the Digital Economy and Transformation. She is especially interested in studying how users’ social network interactions influence their attitude towards adopting new products or services and, thus, how social networking can be employed in successful e-marketing strategies.


Abstract: Smart City infrastructures connect people with their devices through wireless communications networks while they offer sensor-based information about the city’s status and needs. Connecting people carrying mobile devices equipped with sensors through such an infrastructure leads to the “collective intelligence” or “crowdsourcing” paradigm. This paradigm has been deployed in numerous contexts such as performing large-scale experiments (e.g. monitoring the pollution levels or analyzing mobility patterns of people to derive useful information about rush hours in cities) or gathering and sharing user collected experiences in efforts to increase privacy awareness and personal information protection levels.  This chapter focuses on employing this paradigm in the mMarketing/mCommerce domain and discuss how crowdsourcing can create new opportunities for commercial activities as well as expansion of existing ones.

Keywords: Smart Cities, IoT, Crowdsourcing, mMarketing, mCommerce, eServices, Privacy

Co-author: Yannis Stamatiou and Despina Karayanni


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