Designing Website Interfaces for M-Commerce with consideration for Adult Consumers


This chapter presents a study that investigates the effects of mobile website design on the behavioral intentions of adult consumers. More specifically, the authors analyze the interaction effects between the principal design cues of a mobile commerce (m-commerce) website, such as background/foreground colors, font text and layout. A website selling music CDs has been especially designed and built for the experiment in order to place participants in real-life conditions of navigation. Three experiments have been conducted based on visits to a fictitious m-commerce website. Experiment 1 manipulates the levels of color contrast: positive contrast (light text on a dark background) versus negative contrast (dark text on a light background). In experiment 2, contrast and font have been manipulated with a complete factorial plan: 2 x 2 (negative vs positive contrast x serif font vs sans serif font). Finally, contrast and layout have been manipulated in a third experimental 2 x 2 plan (negative vs positive contrast x dense vs airy layout). This research involved 219 French participants over the age of 45. Results show significant effects of the positive contrast (light text on a dark background) of the mobile website design on the purchase and revisit intentions of adults. Discussions about the interaction effects of design elements, limitations and directions for future research follow.

By: Jean-Éric Pelet, Basma Taieb


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