Süleyman Çelik


First name: Süleyman
Last name: Çelik
Email: suleymancelik@ibu.edu.tr
Department: Marketing
Telephone:+90 (374) 254 10 00- 5627
Area of teaching: Marketing
Date of birth (dd/mm/yy): 03.06.1990
Professional and academic career: Research assistant
Competitive research or professional awards received:
Sketch biography: My research areas include Integrated marketing communication ,brand management.

Chapter title: Mobile Customer Relationship Management: An Overview


Electronic platforms provides many advantages both customers and companies due to development of communication technology. Today almost every people have smartphones and tablets. Thus mobile customer relationship management became an significant concept for generating long-term relationships and increasing customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty. In addition companies use mobile CRM to facilitate salespeople for better performance in marketing activities. M-CRM offers interactive relationships between firms and companies. In this study, we define what is customer relationship management and origins of CRM. After that we stated electronic customer relationship management concept and finally we mentioned about mobile CRM especially benefits and characteristics of it.

Keywords:mobile, customer relationship management, mobile-crm

Co-author: Tolga Dursun


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