The onset of e-m-commerce, e-m-learning, and knowledge management technologies, on screens from desktops and laptops, but also on devices such as smartphones, tablets, watches or glasses, combined with other technologies such as social media has an impact on organizations and their relationships within/outside their boundaries. Mobile technologies such as Wireless data communications in the form of Short Message Service (SMS) and Wireless Access Protocols (WAP) browsers have gained global popularity for e-learning and knowledge management purposes. The development of screens with multiple sizes plays in favor of such a development. Despite the potential use of mobile technologies to assist knowledge management, for companies, scholarship institutions or other forms of organizations who necessitate to maintain a high level of knowledge for lectures (education), procedures (institutions), internal charts (organizations), etc., the design of the latter is not trivial. The effectiveness of such applications mainly depends on the design of its interface. This book investigates the importance of the use of design assets, social media tools, freely downloadable apps and so on for mobile design to assist knowledge management. Prototype applications developed to link course websites or MOOC platforms or e-learning tools could be presented in this book. The knowledge management applications The presentation of the use of Content Management System (CMS) and other curation systems is also welcomed. Results from exploratory/confirmatory studies to present what plays crucial roles in the ease-of-use of knowledge management systems for users are also warmly welcome. There is an emerging need for researchers and practitioners to fully understand the potential of mobile environments for successful knowledge management, or any other type of activity, and the changes they impose to existing to user behavior. This book intends to fill this gap, providing a systematic synthesis of the latest research findings and professional experience on mobile online environments and user behavior.

 Objective of the Book

This book will aim to provide relevant theoretical frameworks and the latest empirical research findings regarding Mobile Platforms, Design, and Apps for Social Commerce. It will be valuable to academics and practitioners who want to improve their understanding of the strategic impact of mobile technologies in a wide range of applications and organizations in sectors such as business, commerce, marketing, knowledge management, learning, entertainment, human-computer interaction and social media. The book aspires to bring together the latest academic research and professional practice, covering all aspects of mobile user activity and behavior in diverse contexts. It will thus offer concentrated knowledge and a much needed structured roadmap for studying, planning and implementing mobile technology strategies for all types of organizations.

Target Audience

The target audience of this book will be composed of researchers and professionals working in the field of marketing, information systems, IT-enabled change, and change management in various disciplines, including library, information, and communication sciences; administrative sciences and management; education; adult education; sociology; computer science; and information technology. Moreover, the book will provide insights and support to executives concerned with the management of e- and m-commerce, e- and m-learning, and knowledge management applications, as well as enable the assessment of the organizational impact of such applications in different environments.


Website: http://kmcms.net/Doc/Call/mkm/


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