MOOCs on Mobiles: curating the web and using social media to enhance e-learning


MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) have gained popularity for e-learning purposes. Effectiveness of a MOOC depends on the platform interface design and management, which should create student cohesiveness and optimize collaboration. A MOOC prototype was developed and e-learning applications were pilot-tested for one semester with a total of 160 students from graduate courses in a French business school. Students used a mobile supported e-learning environment and reported their experiences through the writing of a synthesis, the building of a CMS (Content Management System) and the elaboration of a content curation system.

By: Jean-Éric Pelet, Marlene A. Pratt, Stéphane Fauvy


Hyseni Ardian

Ardian Hyseni

First name:Ardian
Last name:Hyseni
Department:Faculty of Economics and Business. University of Ljubljana
Telephone:00 377 44 905 515
Area of teaching:
Date of birth (07/01/1991)
Qualification:Bachelor of Computer Engineering. Master in Business Informatics at South East European University. PhD Student at Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana
Professional and academic career:
Competitive research or professional awards received:
Sketch biography: I finished my primary school in Gjon Sereci. I continued my high school in Mehmet Akif College in Prishtina. During my studies in college I participated in international Olympiad and many other science and culture fairs, and I was awarded with bronze medal from INEPO and certificate of award for best students of college. I finished my bachelor studies in SEEU Computer Engineering and I am Master in Business Informatics.

Chapter title:

Benefits of Using Social Commerce Applications on Businesses


Social media commerce has changed the way of commerce globally; customers are affected more and more by social media, in decision making for buying a products or a service. While in the past people were affected by traditional marketing ways like newspapers, televisions and radios for buying a product, nowadays, through social media customers can find feedbacks and reviews on social media and can see thousands of photos of a single product with less a minute of searching in a social networking sites like. With the growth of social media’s impact on businesses, social commerce has become a trending way of making commerce. In this paper it demonstrated a platform for businesses to make commerce through facebook which is called facebook commerce.


Social Media, Social Commerce, Facebook Commerce, Social Commerce Application, Research