Irritating Factors While Navigating on Websites and Facebook and Its Reactions Using Different Devices


The research presented in this chapter identifies sources of the irritation felt by internet users while browsing websites and Facebook. A qualitative approach was taken, including 40 individual interviews, enabled the authors to determine the irritating factors and user reactions when using different devices such as smartphones, computers and tablets to navigate websites and Facebook. The implications of this research will help marketers and web developers to reduce internet user irritation and better understand their behavior to better meet their expectations.

By: Sana El MouldiNorchene Ben Dahmene Mouelhi


College Students’ Perception on the Use of Social Network Tool for Education Learning in USA


This study presents how college Students’ perception on the use of social network tool for education learning in USA. This study is a survey research design. The survey research design is a very valuable tool for assessing opinions and trends and it include graduate and undergraduate student male and female. The data collection was via UNC website. Composite 2 of the survey was eliminated because the responses orders of the items were different from composite 1 as the responses in composite 1 went from strongly disagree to strongly agree while in composite 2 the responses went the other direction and we were afraid the participants did not pay attention to that.

By: Mohammed Alfadil